Saturday, October 16, 2010

Collaboration in SL

As we move in to our Final Project, I'm really excited to be working on a project with a real life application. The topic of metamorphic rocks I feel really lends itself to Second Life. With it, I think that we can truly do some cool things such as creating the grand canyon or some other famous metamorphic rock, and perhaps do a simulation of some sort. A lot of this will depend on our building and scripting skills though.

Even with all of this excitement, I am concerned with what it will be like to collaborate in SL. I believe my group will be having all of our meetings in SL rather than F2F in RL. From past experience, I know that it can be tricky to build together. If you need help, time has to be spent explaining the problem, or objects/scripts have to be deeded to your group members so that everyone has editing privileges. Hopefully, all will work out, and we'll have something great to show for our work.

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