Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Final Projects

Our final project, up until the the very last day, was nearly in constant flux. Ideas that we thought we could do, didn't always necessarily pan out. We also had to adjust the focus of our project as when we put everything together, it didn't cover as much material as we originally had thought. All in all though, I think that we did a good job. I tried to put in as much hover text as possible to give students clues of what to do and how to use our module. Yellow arrows were also added to give a sense of flow and directions of where they should go.

After listening to the other group presentations, it has shown me how different and how diverse educational sims can be. While there were some like ours that relied heavily on simply conveying information, there were some that were more experiential. The Hawaiian Mythology group's sim was amazing. The amount of technical skills that went into the project, in addition to time too, was just phenomenal. With the phantom walls, holodeck, and the immersive qualities, it shows me how much room there is to still grow. Should this project have continued on, I would love to try some of these new skills and see how things could change and improve.

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Shepard Acanthus said...

Hi Kellie,

Glad you enjoyed the last day of class and our Hawaiiana module. I'm writing some blogs to detail our project, at least from what I built, from start to finish. I'm writing it because I'm 7 blogs behind, but if it can benefit others who are interested in building in SL or the facets of project management (which was hugely essential in that we had so much to do) then that would be awesome as well. Aloha.